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Medicare and Medicaid Lawyers

Medicare and Medicaid Lawyers With the current depletion of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, government audits of health care providers are on the rise. These audits often target Medicare and Medicaid payments and billing practices and are designed to investigate overpayment or fraud.

At Mitchell Day Law Firm, PLLC, our Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement lawyers understand the importance of addressing audits of your entity. Our knowledge and familiarity with the audit process allow us to provide the detailed guidance you need to understand and resolve disputed overpayments quickly and cost effectively.

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RAC, MAC, MIC and ZPIC Medical Audit and Appeals Attorneys

Working on a contingency-fee basis, Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) are motivated by financial gain to examine Medicare and Medicaid claims filed by hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care providers, hospice, home health and therapy companies, and medical clinics. These companies carefully examine all records of your claims in an effort to discover overpayments, incorrect payments, improperly coded payments or fraudulent billing of the government programs. We provide advice during the audit process to help preserve your rights and to follow proper strategies for complying with the auditor’s demands for information. The provide the same analysis and preparation for MAC, MIC and ZPIC cases as well. Prior to audits, we offer strategic advice and planning that help you to avoid the inconvenience and expense of an investigation, including:

  • Establishing a reporting system that allows you to quickly provide information to RACs
  • Monitoring payment claims and other areas that fall under RAC supervision
  • Maintaining compliance with all government programs
  • Maintaining knowledge of claim denial and appeal proceedings

Assertive Appeals Representation

Following an audit, you may be ordered to repay Medicare or Medicaid claims that were filed inappropriately or illegally. We provide assertive appeals guidance in an effort to help you avoid a government take-back and unnecessary expense. Whether you wish to appeal the RAC decision or work out a suitable payment arrangement, we will work diligently until your case has been resolved in an appropriate manner.

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